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PuTTY is an open-source SSH and Telnet client for Windows. It allows you to securely connect to remote servers from a local Windows computer.

This tutorial will cover how to connect to your Droplet from your local Windows computer using PuTTY.


To follow this tutorial, you will need:

  • A local computer running Windows.

  • One Droplet running any Linux distribution.

Step One — Installing PuTTY

In this step, we’ll download and configure PuTTY.

First, go to the PuTTY download page. In the section labeled Binaries, click on putty.exe. Once you download the file, double click on it to run it.

Step Two — Configuring PuTTY

Once you run putty.exe, you’ll see a configuration screen. In this step, we’ll add the configuration details for your server.

First, fill in the field labeled Host Name (or IP Address) with the IP address of your server. Make sure the Port field is 22, and SSH is selected for Connection type.

Next, click on SSH in the left sidebar (under Connection). Make sure “2 only” is selected for Preferred SSH protocol version.

Finally, you can save these preferences to avoid typing them manually in the future. Click on Session in the left sidebar, then add a name in the text box under Saved Sessions and click Save on the right.

Step Three - Connecting

To connect to your server, click on the session name you chose in the previous step, then click Open. Accept the subsequent pop-up that asks if you want to connect to the host. Finally, enter the username and password to log into your server. Now you’re connected to your server!


PuTTY has a lot of additional features that you can explore in the options on the left sidebar menu of the configuration screen, but this tutorial covers the basics of how to connect to your server.

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