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Note: This is an RHCE 7 exam objective.

Producing Report

Install the sysstat package if it’s not already the case:

# yum install -y sysstat

Activate the sysstat service at boot (if it’s not already the case):

# systemctl enable sysstat

Produce a report for a given day (here the 11th) (-u for CPU usage, -r for memory usage, -dp for disk activity, -n DEV for network activity):

# sadf -d /var/log/sa/sa11 -- -u -r -dp -n DEV

Additional Resources

Performance analysis starts with the top command that displays the current activity (CPU, memory) on a server. glances, available through the EPEL repository, is a less known command that displays even more information than top (network usage, disk I/O, filesystem usage).

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