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Note: This is an RHCSA 7 exam objective.

LDAP Server Configuration

In order to test a LDAP client configuration, you will need to configure a LDAP directory service. The LDAP server is called instructor.example.com in this procedure.

LDAP Client Configuration

As the authconfig-tui is deprecated, to configure the LDAP client side, there are two available options: nslcd and sssd. In this tutorial, the nslcd option will be used, see the authconfig tutorial for the sssd option.

Install the following packages:

# yum install -y openldap-clients nss-pam-ldapd

Note: Just to mention that Sander van Vugt advises to install the Directory Client group package: # yum group install “Directory Client”

Then, type:

# authconfig --enableforcelegacy --update
# authconfig --enableldap --enableldapauth --ldapserver="instructor.example.com" \
--ldapbasedn="dc=example,dc=com" --update

Note1: According to your requirements, you can need to specify the –enablemkhomedir option after the installation of the oddjob-mkhomedir package. The option creates a local user home directory at the first connection if none exists. Note2: Type # authconfig –help | grep ldap to remember the necessary options.

Put the LDAP server certificate into the /etc/openldap/cacerts directory:

# scp root@instructor.example.com:/etc/openldap/certs/cert.pem \

Apply the correct SELinux context to the certificate:

# restorecon /etc/openldap/cacerts/cert.pem

Activate the TLS option:

# authconfig --enableldaptls --update

Test the configuration:

# getent passwd ldapuser02

NFS Server Configuration

To get the home directory mounted, you need to configure a NFS server. The NFS server is called instructor.example.com in the procedure. Note: It’s not required to have the LDAP server and the NFS server on the same machine, it’s only easier.

Automounter Client Configuration

Install the following packages:

# yum install -y autofs nfs-utils

Create a new indirect /etc/auto.guests map and paste the following line:

* -rw,nfs4 instructor.example.com:/home/guests/&

Add the following line at the beginning of the /etc/auto.master file:

/home/guests /etc/auto.guests

Start the Automounter daemon and enable it at boot:

# systemctl enable autofs && systemctl start autofs

Test the configuration:

# su - ldapuser02

Additional Resources

Ralph Nyberg offers an interesting video about configuring LDAP authentication (20min/2015). The ForumSystems website provides a free online LDAP test server.

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