RHCE 7 Exam Presentation

The RHCE exam (Red Hat Certified Expert), also called EX300, is a performance-based exam lasting 3 hours and half, focusing on service configuration onRHEL 7 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7).

You can take the exam in a classroom setting monitored by a proctor or in a IndividualExamSession (IES) remotely monitored. A FAQ about IES is available on the Red Hat website.

You need to pass both RHCSA & RHCE exams to become certified RHCE (you can take both exams in any order, but as the RHCE exam requires very advanced knowledge compared to the RHCSA exam, it is normally logical to take the RHCSA exam before).

If you’ve got a valid RHCSA 6 certification, you can directly take the RHCE 7 exam without taking the RHCSA 7 exam.

Information about the RHCSA 7exam is available here.

Red Hat provides a FAQ about its certification program and one about the Red Hat Learning Subscription service (RHLS).

Red Hat exams are covered by a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement): anybody taking an exam can’t talk about it. For this reason, all quiz or sample exams in this website are based on exam objectives and not on real questions, even though the level of difficulty is similar.

After taking the exam and in the next three days, you will receive an email with your result (the pass mark is 210 out of 300). But you will never know what part you succeeded or what part you failed!

Available Resources

Here you will find the following resources:

You can use this website like a study guide if you’ve got extensive RHEL 7 experiences already.

RHCE Prices

For your information, here are the latest known Red Hat RHCE exam prices on March 16, 2016per country (previous prices are between parenthesis):

  • United States/Canada: $400
  • Europe (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland): €500 (€470)
  • Europe (Italy, Spain): €450 (€400)
  • Europe (Czech Republic, Lithuania, Portugal): €420 (€380)
  • Australia: AUD 650 (inc GST) (AUD 715)
  • China: 2,100 CNY
  • Hong-Kong: 1,680 HKD
  • Indonesia: 2,700,000 IDR
  • Israel: $500
  • Japan: 36,000 JPY (excl.tax)
  • Korea: ₩280,000 (140,000 KRW)
  • Mexico: $550
  • New Zealand: 700 NZD
  • Philippines: 14,000 PHP
  • Singapore: 700 SGD
  • South Africa: $500
  • Taiwan: 6,800 TWD
  • Thailand: 15,000 THB
  • UAE: $500
  • United Kingdom: £450 excl tax (£410)

Source: http://www.redhat.com/en/services/training/ex300-red-hat-certified-engineer-rhce-exam


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